The following is a tutorial  showing the use of a room that has been placed

in the catalogue, and 'dev'ing' it into your own design. The same principles and

steps apply in any deriving, Rooms, Cloths, Hair, Accessories, and so on,

unless it involves changing or adding 'Mesh' or 'Action' files,

these are for the more advanced Dev' and will be shown in another tutorial.


Dev'ing the Room


Our first job is to find a room that is the shape we like, and one that we know will accept our chosen colours and shapes of 'Textures'

(remember that textures are best created in a 256 pixel by 256 pixel for the standard square room panels)

When we find the perfect room to make into our own design we need to click on the 'Derive from product' (1)

(not all creators leave the items derivable, but you will find one to suit as there are so many available)

this will open the create window in the main program, so make sure that you are logged into the chat before

clicking this link. (2) shows where to click after you have submitted your new room design so that you can add

any Text description, or pictures, or even banners, before actually clicking the submit for review to finalise.




Once loaded, you will be in the room you have chosen, and it will have the 'meshes' tab already open on the right,

your will see the 'texture' edit button on the first texture (1), these are the textures that we are working with

to make a new room from this one. We will alter each of the textures (2) as we go, until all the room is as

you want it to look.



Lets start with the walls and the steps around the DJ's platform. Find the relevant textures that match

the part you want to alter and then edit it and place in your own texture as shown in (1) then click Apply Changes

next to 'Save' highlighted at the top right above the mesh files. you will see the new texture replace the

original one as shown below. If you want the new texture to stand out more, you can tick the box to make it

'Self Illuminated' (2), this will over ride the rooms luminosity and make the texture remain bright, ignoring other settings

for the room, even if it is made so dark you can hardly see.



As you may notice in the room original picture, the floor appears to reflect the walls and ceiling, this is

done by making the floor 'see through' and the mesh is made with a mirror image underneath, that is normally

out of sight, an 'Opacity' texture is added to the right hand box of the texture for the floor (mottled grey in the picture

below) and follows the rule, the darker the opacity, the more it makes things 'see through' or 'transparent'.

To use the opacity, we need to tick the box for 'Use Blending' (1) then click Apply changes to see it take effect.

By un ticking the blending option, we can make the floor solid again as shown below. (2)



OK we have changes a texture or two, and we are happy with the result, maybe its a little darker than we like, or lighter?

Click on the 'config' tab next to 'meshes' and you will see the below window. and on it the 'sliders' in 'Ambient light',

these control how bright the room is, so, lets make it brighter a little, set the sliders (1) to 180, 180, 180.

Apply the changes again and it will look lighter, to lower the luminosity, slide them downward.

If we are happy, then now we save our changes, by clicking the little tab next to 'Save' and choosing 'Save as' (2).

once we have saved it and named it, then we will need to upload our result to the catalogue, click 'Upload' (3).



Now, just as with the tutorial for Uploading our room Mesh, we need to set our Name for the room, the level of availability

'General Audience, or Adult Pass', and then add some tags so that everyone can find it in search. Tags are single words, separated by a comma ','

for example; -  room, club, derivable, large, red, dance, DJ, platform, golden etc etc, all the tags should relate to the room in some way, not just any

old words, if people search for 'Hairstyle' and get your room, you will soon gain a bad name in the community.


OK for a recapp, Upload (1), then Name (2), rating (3), picture (100 x 80 pixels, important size) (4).

And finally, Submit to shop (5).



The next step is to simply click the submit line (normally in bold red) on the page it takes you to (your browser will open for this step)

so that your new room is submitted to the reviewers then placed into your catalogue.

Time for a cuppa and sit back a few minutes, Congrats :)



Thank you for reading and I hope this small tutorial has been helpful, and gives you a taste for becoming

one of the many great creators on IMVU.

Cheers, Goldy.





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