General Chat on the IMVU site.


IMVU is a 3D immersion chat site, it consists of a community that has been built up of almost all the countries

on the planet, at its peak there were regularly upward of 130,000 online active members at any one time, so

connecting with new friends from other lifestyles was never a problem.

Today you will still find an average of 40,000 online at any time, and the membership have filled the virtual

catalogue with items that they have made and uploaded into the site. (See Creating and Dev'ing section.)

I have been creating for what seems an eternity, and whilst doing so have also gained a small loyal following on my radio

station that was started for IMVU members to listen to whilst chatting or dancing etc. (

As you will see there are apps and there is also an in-game radio in my catalogue on site (Goldy radio stream).


Since beginning on IMVU I have met so many people from so many walks of life, some are no longer with us, and are

remembered in many ways. One of my public rooms that was made a while ago boasts pictures of a dear freind

that I met through IMVU and has passed away some time ago 'Kally Westland' RIP. There are literally

hundreds of home pages that have been modified to personal tastes and they carry similar marks of respect for lost

loves and freinds. So becoming a member of the community not only allows you to live in a world that takes you

away from the day to day stresses and trials of life in the real world, it also makes sure that there is a mark in the world that

will forever be you. Never forgotten.


The role play (RP) side of the site is very popular, storylines of families, factions, armies, creatures both real and

Mythical, and there are even role plays for Star Trek, Star wars, Doctor Who, Avatar, and many other favourites.

You are almost guaranteed to find something to interest you, and for you to make a new virtual life in.


There have been many changes in IMVU over the years, different style pages, rooms, photo galleries, additions such

as the game Walkoff (very much similar to 'jewel quest' but played against a friend or opponent), and the

catalogue allows the purchase and mixing into play lists of thousands of popular music tracks to play in the rooms.

Some things have been removed that were popular and replaced by new items, IMVU is even after all these

years, still in BETA test and not the finished product. Visit the site forums and see what is going on constantly, and have a say.



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