Groups on IMVU fall into many categories, too many to list individually,

so that being said, I will outline a few basic categories.


RP Groups

These are Mainly groups that are 'per RP' that is to say the group is for members of a particular RP

For example, 'WolfBanes' Group, this would be for all members of the WolfBanes family of

Werewolves or Vampires, and would possibly made private so that it can not be accessed by

non family members.


Dating or Friendship

These groups generally tend to be public and have threads (post sets) that are for, and by,

people looking for new friends, loves, IMVU husbands/Wives, etc etc. A typical posting in

one of these groups would be for example;

"Hi, I'm Goldengooseboy132, I'm looking for someone to spend time with and share

evenings, someone who is fun to be with, and possibly will want to marry on IMVU (another form of RP)

I am a creator and i have several clubs open, if you would like to know more

then please 'inbox' me in game, thanks."



These can be groups made up of members who have similar interests such as a group of Artists,

Poets, Creators, Dev's, Film Fans, or even Motorcyclists. Often public, the membership can be by invite only

for the groups not wishing to get none topic postings from members not part of the group.



These groups tend to be set up by knowledgeable members who just want to provide

useful info that can help others to improve the experience on IMVU

Many will offer the viewer to inbox for answer to questions or to post a new 'thread' to

get answers from other group members.



These groups tend to be for info on creating, swapping of ideas, or sources for

ready made textures, mesh files, or requests for them, often a good place to join for all budding

Dev's and creators.