My Designs and Random Photo's


I hope that you can find enjoyment in my works, and pictures.

I wanted to share with you some of the things i have done either in

or because of, IMVU and the friends I have met whilst here, as well as some pictures from

my Photography Hobby.



An early banner design version 1 and 2



The ever popular Toxic Dub sets.



A creative play with an avatar picture on a new background



Tintern Abbey



Lunch Break



Tintern Abbey



Tintern Abbey



Tintern Abbey Inside Main Hall



End of the Days Fishing



Ahoy Matey






That was close!



Jon gives it some.



Cruisin behind the guys



Pete can make it fit. (Peter Armitage)



Scarborough filled with 'Wings



Can I have one Mum?



Oi! come on, share...



I hand engraved my bike screen



Camera play



Bridge 16



Good Morning



Avenue 16 to 17



Everything stops for Tea



Rear View in the afternoon






The Bream love it here



Some friends



Some friends 2



Freehand Macro Shot



One of my fave places to relax



Freehand Macro



Freehand Macro



Freehand Macro low light






A collage for a room picture long ago



Another play with an avatar picture and new background



One of my many designs for Certificates and Invites as stickers



One of my many designs for name stickers



One of my many designs for Evening Wear



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