The world of role play (RP) is vast and has many directions and choices.

RP has been alive since the dark ages, even the practice of battle formations and mock battles are indeed a form of RP so

as you can see it is something that can not be given a start date as such, but it is believed that as far as 500 BC there is

evidence of its existence.


IMVU RP is mainly based around Mythical Legends and Sci-Fi, although smaller forms are

played out as 'family' groups.

The most common groups are Vampires, Werewolves (Lykans) and Gods, although creatures such

as Fae and Pixies are becoming more commonand well loved by the female population, also there are

a large number of Pets and furry groups made up of various animal style Avatars.


The world of Domination and Sub (often BDSM) is another growing trend in hte world of RP

and is often ran alongside the above groups as an additional stimulation of the fun.


Sci-Fi RP groups include the Star Trek, Dr Who, and Star Wars groups, these are ever popular and

much like the other RP groups they have rooms, accessories, and clothing items to help bring the RP

to life.


RP is usually Hierarchy based, that is to say there will be a leader, either God, Father, Mother,

King, Queen, Emporer/Empress (SEmp...) , or military title, followed by the next in line such as Demi God, Mother, Father,

Queen, King, Empress, Emperor. then the next in line and so it goes until the bottom rung is reached, for example

Sub, Pet, Slave, soldier, cook, etc etc. You would normally start at the lower end and rise as you progress although

many 'children' or 'Subs', 'Pets' remain as they are throughout as this is their chosen level. Above all, each and

every RP member is treat with equal respect and the part they play is taken as seriously as every other in the group.

(Many 'families' are grown from RP and the love and companionship is often extended beyond IMVU and into the outside reality

so please be aware and try not to hurt or disrespect other RP members unduly).


Some RP groups are reliant on AP (Adult Pass) being secured by a member so it is worth looking into

the group and how they work before making your mind up if you are interested in joining that particular group.


RP is taken seriously by many members so it is also worth noting that you should feel you wish to commit to the storylines

and attend regularly to ensure both your own enjoyment and that of the other members of the group.


Names, whole outfit sections and home rooms are often greatly affected by RP membership, this should also

be taken into account.

For further information there are groups within the 'Group' section of the site that are predominantly RP based

It is worth spending a short while in there and reading up on what is on offer. Group membership is often run hand in hand with RP membership

and should be equally respected and attended.


Finally, RP is great fun, and often fulfilling, but it should never be taken past the limits of the sites terms and conditions, always

adhere to IMVU rules to ensure that things are not spoilt for the whole community. thanks.


Hope this has helped with the basics of RP and given you a taste for trying it.




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