Special items are the extras that IMVU are introducing as time progresses.



Walkoff is an onsite game accessed from the chat client, it is similar to many games

currently available on Tablets and Smartphones, it comprises of a page of shapes that

when made into groups of 3 or more score points. Players of the popular Candy Crush

will know exactly what I mean. There are power up items that can be chosen before the start

of each game and are earned by scoring on the relevant colours.

The biggest and possibly best difference in Walkoff is that you play against another IMVU

member, with the two of you standing at either side of the board, and with

a chat ability, so you can chat while playing.




As the name suggests, you can purchase a room to share with a friend and this allows

both of you to decorate the room with your furniture items, often making for better rooms

as each of the friends will have items that the other may not have bought therefore

double the available furniture. A shared room bring many other benefits such as the ability

to block undesirables by either party using the block feature, and to share control of

the 'Mod' feature automatically. Shared room feature also comes with it's own special 'Badge'

for your collection to show everyone that you own a shared room if you wish bragging rights.



The Marriage package is similar to the shared room but has the addition of being 'Married'

to another avatar, your profile card is given a special icon to show that you are together,

and you each receive a free name change token so that you can match names if you wish,

for example, 'Deriosity' and 'Slippymat' might change to DerryFullness and SlippyFullness.

(i know, but they are just examples :)..)

The Marriage Package is also set to run like a real life Marriage, to simply delete the 'wife'

is not enough, you have to go to the marriage package page and remove it there

technically 'Divorcing' your partner, each of you then receive an official message of

condolence for the split.

When you buy the package you are given the ability to message some, or all, of

your friends to 'Announce' the wedding in your own worded message.



AP is purchased by people of suitable age (Adult), this allows access to

many extra clothing items, voice boixes, and many other things that are not available to the

General population (GA), AP allows nude avatars and certain limits are lifted on wording in chat

and access to rooms that are Adult only rooms, just mention a few of the advantages.

By introducing the two tier system of GA and AP IMVU provided a level of safety for the younger members

and prevented access to unsuitable material for minors.

AP removes 'guest' from the name of your avatar and is a one time payment per account.



VIP is an opening to many extra benefits, along with a monthly allowance of Credits

there are extra avatar actions, access to vip items and rooms, and the ability to become

a creator. VIP is bought either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly, and can be

done by text, phone, IMVU prepay card, credit card or direct debit.

Prepay cards often bring an added gift or extra item for being used.

VIP removes 'guest' from the name of your avatar.



Name registration removes the 'Guest' from your avatar name and effectively means that

you 'own' the name you have registered, this means that other members will not be

able to request the name or copy it as can be done from 'guest' members, although this is quite rare.

The name being 'owned' also means it cannot be claim by another if you are

unfortunate enough to be inactive for a length of time.



Sales and offers are regular and should be watched for, they can include extra credits or lower price

on catalogue items, lower prices for AP, Name registration, VIP, packages for Marriage or

Shared room, and many other things.



A perfect way to avoid minors masquerading as Adults, if an avatar is age verified then you are

reasonably safe in assuming it is the age stated on the profile and this can often save

serious consequences from occurring.

In this heightened time of child abuse allegations and subsequent problems the age verify

is an essential tool in also protecting the adult. It is also a link to gaining AP via

a different payment method than your credit card for those who prefer not to

use cards on the world web.