The following section is made up of codes to modify your home page

adding , removing, altering, and all round personalisation is now more popular

than ever on IMVU so Ii have found some codes for this purpose, hope you find the

section useful.

All codes are thanks to Gaf210 codes and can be found along with many

other great codes and  items on their site here;



Please choose a code from the small selection of Gaf codes below...

Join Both Columns Together

Disable right click

Disable Select

Remove text from all Headers

Headers Styling

Space at top of home page

Deny access to unlogged users

Scrolling Window Title

Custom Scrolling Status Bar

Image at top of homepage

Center the home page

Change Whole Page Font

Change Whole Page Font Size

Custom Popup Message

Hide all Headers

Set All Panel Backgrounds To Black Semi Transparent

Set All Panel Backgrounds To White Semi Transparent

Change Room Picture to a Custom Image