The following is a tutorial  showing the use of the 3DSMAX  files

exported in the Room tutorial and uploading them into the create program within IMVU.


Uploading the Room


You should open the Create window in the IMVU chat client and then choose 'Derive new product (1).

In the popup window you can then click on the tab for 'Rooms and Furniture' (2) followed by 'Room' (3).

in the bottom of the popup window you will see the Example 3D room from IMVU, click on 'Go' (4).



Ok, now we have the page to upload our new room mesh files into IMVU.

Click on the tab for 'config' (1), and then on the button 'Add XSF' (2) and find your new XSF file in the

'export' folder of your 3DSMAX directory. load and then make the three room lighting settings (3) around

160 each, I find this to be a reasonable light level.





Ok, we have our skeleton uploaded, now we can add our Mesh file to it.

Click the 'Meshes' tab (1) and then click the Add .XMF where we first added the XSF file, again this will be

in your export folder of the 3DSMAX directory and it should open that file section automatically this time.

Now we can add our 'textures' to our shell, click 'save changes' (6) and then click on the first texture square (2)

on the right you need to click on the 'edit' button in the middle of the left slot (3) and in the popup window navigate

to the folder where you have your 'textures' saved (these are best sized as 256 x 256 and should be JPG or PNG files)

Follow this until you have loaded all 3 of your textures as seen in the picture and make sure that all boxes are clear

in 'material parameters' (4) (ignore the black opacity on the right of texture '2', (5) you can delete or remove this if the

'use blending' is un ticked the create will ignore that box) and click on save changes to apply the textures (6).



You will now be standing inside your new room and should see all sides, top and bottom in colours as below, if not, then tick

'Two sided' on the 'material Parameters' (4) until the missing ones are seen (you should not need to do this, but sometimes

a mistake in the meshing stage can leave a polygon facing out instead of in, it is not a critical thing, don't worry.)

Now we need to save and submit our room to the catalogue. Firstly, click on the small part of the save tab (1) so that the

'save as' drops below (2) and this will open our final popup window.




Finally, Click on 'Upload' (1) to open our popup (2) and then 'Name' our room,  this is followed by our rating

for this we can choose General Audience 'GA' (3), Next we need to add our advert picture icon. This should be

100 pixels wide by 80 tall, this is crucial or IMVU will reject it. once that is in place,

we simply click on 'submit to shop' (5)



After all these steps, your home page will open in your browser and it will show the submit page for your product,

Simply click on the red line that states Submit for review, then sit back and have a cup of coffee, your done :)

You will now have your first Room Mesh in your catalogue, of course you can make the 'textures' any colours and design that

you wish, and have a fully finished room in your catalogue, it doesn't have to be the same as mine with only the 'mesh' textures for derivers

on it. you will see many rooms that are 'finished' and the lovely walls and ceiling decor is all done in the 'texture' files

We will discuss this in another tutorial. 'Deriving Rooms' coming soon.


Thank you for reading and I hope this small tutorial has been helpful, and gives you a taste for becoming

one of the many great creators on IMVU.

Cheers, Goldy.





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