We are all aware of Passwords and Hackers, Bullies and Abusers and the right to be

free to enjoy without persecution, there are many times on social sites such as IMVU

where a little common sense and foresight can save many tears.



Firstly there is no such thing as free credits from outside sources, Pulse is often full of adverts

saying 'free credits', IMVU do not advertise on pulse, and never come into chat rooms and post

an advert for free credits. These posts are made by malicious hackers and con merchants who want to get your account,

and even worse, your email and personal details. By ignoring such outside links to websites offering free

credits, or free upgrades to your account, you can avoid the heartache. Simply flag the advert and click to report it,

IMVU constantly battle to eradicate these hackers and our help will go a long way to their success.



Bullying comes in many forms, unfortunately it can not be avoided completely but you can

help to prevent it, and can avoid it most of the time yourself. If you feel that you are being abused and bullied

you can report the person doing it by either flagging the chat in the room or the post on pulse,

or even the message that you received. It is a simple process but can help IMVU to overcome

those who feel it is their right to abuse others on a social website.


Lastly, if you are going to public chat rooms, please try to be sure that you are with people who know you, or seem to be behaving

in a manner that is none threatening, you can tell very quickly if a room is not suitable for you, if you act quickly and leave then

you avoid the abuse of others in that room. It is better to leave a room than to leave IMVU through unhappy experiences.


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